Market Research

Market research is the main tool of marketing research. Through this, we provide customers with valuable information that determine the substantiation of some action decisions, decisions that ensure optimized concepts from all points of view and accurate implementation of new decisions According to the current environment the following are detailed with maximum attention: market offers and demands, competition offers and demands, prices, economic potential and forms of promotion that suit the current trends in society. Also, depending on the theme of the requested study, market structure and representative segment analysis are done so as to highlight the profile of the specific customer, which underpins the development of new business.


Opportunity and feasibility studies

Opportunity and feasibility studies, drawn up by the collaborators of the company, consist in drawing up of detailed reports which emphasize market analysis, marketing plans, product analysis from all points of view, so that the segments mentioned combine with each other and the final result is the product that meets the customer’s requirements. By these studies, the collaborators of Transilvania Invest company, support with solid arguments the development of a business, representing a tool for managerial decision.


Marketing Strategies

By creating this type of studies, the collaborators of Transilvania Invest company establish the relation between the company / client and environment. When developing these strategies we aim at satisfying the consumption requirements in conditions of maximum efficiency. Starting from the fact that market is the affirmation place, the collaborators of Transilvania Invest company represent the player that tracks, supports and creates realistic and appropriate opportunities, that lay stress on your product.


Strategies for sale

Considering that man is always in a position to choose, fundamental feature of modern economic life, the collaborators of Transilvania Invest company provide support in the process of sale, from the beginning of the activity to its successful completion. We follow, support and create strategic business plans, fix business objectives, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of products, set the way of implementing the suggested strategies, identify customers’ desires, find competitors, make prospects and establish contacts. By going through these stages, the collaborators of Transilvania Invest company confirm the objectives are met, ensuring success in a professional and correct way.


Product Analysis

The collaborators of Transilvania Invest company follow within the studies, a critical analysis of your product. Our recommendations ensure business success as long as there is knowledge of the product. Therefore, its position in the current market, the extent to which the product meets customer needs and the type of presentation are just some of the issues that Transilvania Invest offer to you with the utmost seriousness. Strengths of your product are presented in a special light thus turning them into competitive advantages, which ensures adaptability to changes in market demand. The collaborators of Transilvania Invest company makes these performances to ensure the company’s leading position in this field, position that can be maintained on long term given the professional marketing we offer with confidence. We also highlight the negative aspects of the product which are to be improved or changed so that success will be guaranteed.


Business Plans

The collaborators of Transilvania Invest company know the secret of success in business; it starts from a thorough and professional planning. Distinguishing between businessman and employee, Transilvania Invest supports the development of businessmen capacity to look at their overall business. We offer support in terms of observing your own company in all respects (of each separate department), correct evaluation of business activity, searching, identifying and taking advantage of the development opportunities. Therefore, the way of acquiring these capabilities consists in the detailed planning of business activity, taking into account all the factors involved. The ideal tool for working under these conditions is given by Transilvania Invest, through the business plans that it creates.